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White Cap is one of the most racist mountains out there.  It belongs to the KKK(Kanadian Kite Killers) organization.  Whiteface mountains in New Hampshire and New York are also part of this hated bane of hiking. 

White Cap is mostly a green mountain, but puts its grand wizard cap on to try to destroy all Kanadian Kites it can.  This group has lynched over 412 kites and 3 mylar balloons in a span of 12 years. (It kind of makes it easy as the kites come with string attached to them.)

White Cap's outrageous behavior is only matched by North Kennebago Divide Mountain.

                 NKD/White Cap GPS             Another View NKD/White Cap

Whitecap & NKD from Boundary Peak

North Kennebago Divide has been running an illegal "divide" buttons for calculators racket from sweat shops in New Foundland, Canada.  (Well they are really shiver shops as it is really cold there.)

 These hacked divide buttons on calculators mess up when you divide a number by 0, and you get an answer of "Bite my ass".  Your calculator then displays 55378008, which held upside down says "BOOBLESS".

The Mountain of North Kennebago Divide must be stopped from increasing its border area stronghold into growing pulp trees that are used into making giant spit ball to be hurled at French cites....Well that wouldn't be so bad would it?

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