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You know what?  

Mount Waumek is sick of having you hike it as a backup hike.

Mount Waumbek is not some booty call that you can seek if your high maintenance Northern President
al girlfriend is having a 70 mph wind day.

The thing that really pisses Mount Waumbek off is you dissing it even more by saying, "Wow Mount Starr King has a cool fireplace, Canadian Jay birds to feed, and a view." 

Come on you freaking jerk!  Doing this is like checking out Waumbek's roommate girlfriend, while you are on your pathetic booty call.....Because the weather is too scary somewhere else to hike another mountain.

Adrian in the Starr King fireplace getting near Waumbek

 You need to treat Mount Waumbek like the lady she is......Make her your first choice for a hike, and not bitc&y 'ole Mount Madison.  Bring her your best hiking stories, admire the mossy trees near her summit, and bring her some Sour Patch kid candies. (as that is her favorite thing besides Adrian Payeur.)