Hiking in Vermont

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                                          View South of Mansfield                                                                      Killington, Little Killington & Mendon Peak from Pico      

Vermont is an interesting state to hike in.  The Green Mountains traverse the state North to South, and are ever present.  I haven't hiked enough in Vermont to be an expert.  I hope to get around to more hiking in Vermont to try to get a better feel for this beautiful state.  Listed below are a few links for hikes, stupid videos, and books & maps that might help get you started exploring what adventure awaits you in Vermont.

Just Don't hike with Jennifer as she has a watermelon head, and is a pain in a bubble butt.  Her cat is cool at the disco dump, but we have no more newt sadly.

Great Day hikes to do.
1.  Mount Mansfield
2.  Camel's Hump
3.  Worcester Range hike
Mount Abraham
5.  Big Jay & Jay Mountains
6.  Glastenbury Mountain

Some Stupid video links of Vermont
Big Jay, Big Bad Jay (Youtube link 9 seconds)
Profanity on Profanity Trail(Youtube link 12 seconds)
Selfish Anna on Mansfield(Youtube link 25 seconds)
4.  Laura Brook Crossing
(Youtube link 24 seconds)

 (Green Mountain Club Great organization)
                                                               3000 Foot Peaks in Vermont                                      Vermont mountain on the
                                        A work in progress                             New England 100 Highest peaks          

Here are some books and maps to get you started.  Now you just need to fthe Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory.
            Great day                Detailed book                 Delorme Atlas                 A decent day              Some VT          Great Long
                  hiking book            of the Long Trail        good for getting around           hiking book                Maps                 Trail map

                                                         Disco Dump....Hike on Abraham, Ellen & Camel's Hump