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Snow (COP)
Snow Mountain (Chain of Ponds) is a mountain that had a great fire tower on top of it.....Well until the great ponds uprising of 2005.

The commanding views seen from the Snow Mountain fire tower kept its slave ponds (kept in chains) supressed from doing any organized uprising.  

Flagstaff lake was created in 1949 by a secret cartel of ponds that wanted to break all Maine ponds out of servitude.  Central Maine Power was the cover group to pose as the creators of the lake.  

When this lake was powerful enough to topple the fire tower off from Snow Mountain(which it did in 2005), then the ponds would be free at last.  Thank god almighty free at last. 

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Snow Mountain from Snow Mountain Pond


The sad part of the story is Snow Mountain (COP) used WMD against these ponds as a last gasp for control.  The coup that toppled Snow Mountain's fire tower was a half won battle because of this.

The weapons of mass destruction was the release of Milfoil as an invasive aquatic plant that is ravaging the Maine ecosystems.  This destruction is comparable to any of my brothers farts.

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