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You know White Mountains and crap.
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                                               Mount Washington                                                                          View from Mount Bond toward Franconia Ridge & Garfield

New Hampshire is a great state to hike in.  The obvious place to hike is the White Mountain National Forest.  There are also many other places in Southern New Hampshire to hike, which I do not have much experience with.  I am slowly checking out some of the way up northern New Hampshire mountains too. 

                                                                             New Hampshire Hiking Video 9 Minutes 43 Seconds
Here are some cool hikes I recommend that give you a sample of Central to slightly Northern New Hampshire hiking in no particular order.
1.   Mount Adams
2.   North & South Baldface
3.   Mount Success
4.   North & Middle Sugarloaf
North & South Percy Peaks
6.   Mount Hight & Carter Dome
Lincoln, Lafayette & Little Haystack
8.   The Bonds & Guyot
9.   Moosilauke
10. Mount Chocorua
Mount Nancy
12. Avalon
13. South & Middle Moat
14. North, Middle & South Tripyramid
15. Hedgehog
16. Mount Crawford
17. Welch & Dickey Mountains
18. Boott Spur & Lion's Head loop hike

                            3000 Foot Peaks NH Map 
Top Five Stupid Videos from New Hampshire for right now.

1.  Vose Spur Bushwhacking  (Youtube link, 1 minute 33 seconds)
2.  Scar Ridge Outtake (Youtube link, 10 seconds)
3.  Ice Ice Baby  (Youtube link, 32 seconds)
4.  The Rules of Peak above the Nubble  (Youtube link, 55 Seconds)
5.  Canadian Jay Outtakes  (Youtube link, 40 seconds)

                                      If you are into lists or just checking out mountains.                   
                                                  NH 4000 Foot Mts                   NE 100 Highest

                                 Here is a good start for books and maps of New Hampshire.

                White Mountain Guide             Great Map for                 Great Book about                      Good atlas                            Decent all round 
is a must have                   the White Mts                   4000 foot peaks                    for getting around                    state of NH hikes
                                                           (The waterproof one)             (item # NHH05)                                                                        by Jared Gange