Mount Nancy (Is A Geek!)
3926 Feet

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New Hampshire

Mount Nancy (is a geek) is a cool mountain that is 3926 feet tall.  I really enjoy the heck out of this hike, because you get waterfalls (ok, cascades, which are pretty much the same thing.), high mountain ponds, mud & roots, a great view of Bond & Bondcliff, a steep herd path up Mount Nancy (is a geek) that gives you a short slight slide exposure if you want, a summit cannister, and a views of Willey Mountain thru Mount Washington thru Crawford Mountain.  (If you climb a tree a perfect view of Mount Chocorua can be had.)

Mount Nancy from climbing up the Anderson cliffy area

                             Mount Nancy(is a geek) GPS Track                      Mount Nancy(is a geek) vicinity 

Ok, let me the Mount Nancy (is a geek).  I know this person and her name is Nancy, and guess what?…..She is a geek.  So as I have been hiking all around the Northeast I have been writing “Nancy is a geek” as part of many summit cannister register rituals.  This person who happens to live in New York, and is a really nice person who has put up with this annoying thing I have been doing. Nancy (is a geek) (the person) finished her New England 100 highest mountains on Mount Nancy (is a geek) (the mountain) on October 14, 2006.  So to me Mount Nancy will always be Mount Nancy (is a geek).  I will try to refrain from using the “is a geek” term when I mention Mount Nancy (is a geek) <--- crap I blew it already.  But can you please think the “is a geek” part when I mention Mount Nancy?  It is kind of fun actually.

                                     The video below is Dawn (The Velvet Hammer...ok that is another story) and Nancy(is a geek)


The usual way to hike and explore the Mount Nancy…………Mount Nancy……….yeah I didn’t say the other part. (but you were thinking it!)  The Nancy Pond trailhead is a smallish parking area off from Route 302 between the Crawford Notch General Store and Campground and the Sawyer River Road.  The parking area is on not on the Saco River side of the road.  

This hike up involves about 2960 vertical gain and about a 10 mile round trip.  The hike starts out easy enough.  A private house is on the right after a bit.  You cross a few smaller streams along the way.  The trail hooks a left on to an old logging road, and the Nancy Brook is on the right.  You will come up to a bigger stream crossing on the Nancy Brook that could be hard in high water situations. 

The hike gets steeper in this section, and I usually feel crappy around this area.  Some sort of 19th Century foundation ruins will be on your left at some point.  The old logging road gives way to regular trail near the Nancy Brook, which is now on your left.

Now you are near the Nancy Cascades, but first you have a stream crossing to do. (And this can be hard if water levels are up.)  Climb a little bit more and you get a view of the bottom of the Nancy Cascades.  You can’t miss them, and they are awesome.

You get to do some steep climbing and switch backing.  You get one more view of the cascades in the middle.  This is not as spectacular as the bottom cascade, but still very nice. Guess what?  You climb some more, and the trail is now takes on a muddy & rooty feel that is helped in part with bog bridges on the more level spots.  You get a few views across the valley towards Stairs Mountain, which are quite nice.  

After the Nancy Pond Trail moderates you will reach Nancy Pond on the left, which is quite nice.  You can see Mount Anderson from the edge of the pond.  The trail from here to Norcross Pond is flat but muddy.  There is a smaller pond called Little Norcross Pond.  If you walk out to it, Mount Nancy can be seen quite nicely.

Continuing on to the edge when you first see Norcross Pond you get to see a nice panorama of Norcross Pond and the Mount Bond area, and this is quite a nice view.  You then hike along the edge of Norcross Pond to the West outlet. 

Now we need to find the herd path that goes up Mount Nancy.  As you get to the end of the West End of Norcross Pond there is a small no camping sign in a tree right in front of you.  The great view from the natural dam is on your left and a wide open trail is on your right.  Take the wide trail area on the right for about fifty feet. (After hanging out at the great outlook view into the Pemigewasset Wilderness from the Norcross Pond natural dam.)  You will see two trails, which may or may not have logs over them.  Take the left branch of the trail, as this is the herd path that will take you to the summit of Mount Nancy.

This trail is not maintained legally by anyone, so there will be blow down and it will be narrow.  After a short bit of hiking the trail comes up to a slide area.  You can either take the herd path on the right that does not go up the slide or go up the slide. (As they both meet up together quickly to continue to the summit.) T he views from the slide are quite nice, so at least step out there and take a couple digital and mental pictures.

This is where this herd path gets really steep, and it doesn’t let up until very near the summit.  The summit cannister can not be missed when you reach the summit, and so you should write something stupid in it.

The view is a restricted view towards the Mount Willey thru Mount Washington thru Crawford Mountain areas. It is a pretty good view and worth chilling out to take it all in. The Webster Cliffs and Mount Webster views are really nice. A more restricted view towards the Mount Chocorua is there, and is quite good if you want to risk falling out of a dead tree.

The hike out is the way you came, silly rabbit. Like I said earlier I really like this hike a bunch.  I have been up here five times and it doesn’t get old to me.  It has the right combination of ponds, cascades, mud, and views to make it fun all round hike.  Finding the herd path can be a shaky the first time up. 

Ok, the first time up there I was brand new to hiking and didn’t see the herd path like an idiot.  I took the herd path on the right (that goes no where) and not the left (I didn‘t even see it), so I bushwhacked the whole way up to the summit of Mount Nancy with my friend John.  I even saw the second Matrix movie with Keanu Reeves that night at the movie theater, which was really bad.

Mount Nancy (is a geek) is better than the whole Matrix trilogy movies.  You get better views, No cheesy acting (Well, Canadian Jays might beg for food using a bad scripts), and Mount Nancy (is a geek) is one of the better hikes in the White Mountains.

Adrian cannister Mount Nancy
Adrian Norcross Pond
Adrian on Mount Nancy
Adrian on Norcross with Nancy in back
Andrew at Nancy cascades 06/22/2008
Andrew crossing stream Nancy hike
More Nancy Cascades
Mount Anderson from Nancy Pond
Nancy from Little Norcross Pond
Nancy Brook
Nancy cascade view 06/22/2008
Nancy Cascades again
Nancy from Anderson Cliffs
Nancy from Whitewall MT
Nancy is a geek
Nancy on the far left from Whitewall Mt
Nancy Pond
Nancy Pond again
Nancy Pond while hiking
Nancy summit with Andrew
Nancy trailhead
New clothes at the end of hike
No camping sign near herd path
Norcross Pond outlet
Norcross Pond outlet view
Norcross Pond view
Revegetation sign near herd path
Small Slide Mount Nancy
Some Bonds from Norcross
Spongebob on Mount Nancy
Stairs Mountain
Thunderstorm at Norcross Pond
Upper cascade Nancy hike
Washington from Mount Nancy
Webster & Washington from Nancy
Webster from Nancy
Willey from Nancy