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 Mount Moosilauke has a problem of being pronounced several different ways.

Some people call it "Moose-ill-lock", and some people call it "Moose-ill-lock-key".

Now if you pronounce the mountain "Moose-ill-lock-key", slowly ball your hand into a fist.  Now take that fist of yours and punch your stupid face until you call it "Moose-ill-lock" or pass out from brain damage. 

But you probably are already brain damaged, because you called Moosilauke "Moose-ill-lock-key".

You know what?????  We hate you for calling it "Moose-ill-lock-key", we really do.  And we hope you are attacked by Michael "No talent ass clown" Bolton.

Moosilauke from the South Peak of Moosilauke

The only other
that is acceptable is "Moose-a-Cack-a-Lackie", or the similar "Moose-Cackie-Lackie."  This would be so much more fun to say. 

The last time I hiked Mount Moosilauke I did not get good views, as it was cloudy. (Well, I hiked with Jennifer, and her watermelon head would have blocked the views anyways.)