4360 Feet

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Hi my name is.....what? 
My name is.....who?
My name is Slim Mossy.
Hi my name is.....huh?
My name is.....what?
My name is Slim Mossy.

The Marshall Mathers Mountain is enjoying some retirement from its hip hop career south of the other MacIntyre Range mountains.

The Marshall Mathers Mountain was born in Springfield, Missouri.  It later moved to the Detroit, Michigan area when he was 12. 

Describing his childhood, the Marshall Mathers Mountain said, "It was like any other trailer trash mountain."

The Marshall Mathers Mountain reached 3000' tall at the age of 13 to qualify for the Northeast tallest 451 peaks. (It later reached its full height of 4360' at the age of 18.)

Small waterfall going up Marshall

Controversy soon followed the Marshall Mathers Mountain from Gay groups.  It was stated that he had Homomoutainaphobia.  As in, he only liked female named mountains...And he belittled the male mountains.  It is true he does hang around Grace and Esther mountains alot...And he likes to look at Nippletop Mountain's col. (cleavage) 

Mount Marshall the Slim Mossy won an Oscar for the song "Lose Yourself".  He wrote it because, stupid ass hikers climbed the mountain and got lost all the time.  Slim Mossy didn't even go to the awards ceremony at all.  He got high with local hermit Noah John Rondeau and HarryK on the Sheperd's tooth. 

The Marshall Mathers Mountain will be loved forever for such hits as, "Eight Mile Bushwhack", "The Real Slim Mossy", "Without Me the MacIntrye Range sucks ass", and "Kill You Adrian Payeur for hiking up the Herbert Brook".