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                                 Hamlin & Katahdin from South Brother                                                     Bigelow West & Bigelow Avery from Burnt Hill


Maine is a great state to hike in.  It is a bit more spread out compared to the 
White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Adirondacks in New York.  The shame is I have not hiked enough in my home state.  So, some of my favorite hikes will change for sure by next year.  No state in the area has something like Acadia's ocean views, Baxter State Park, and the remoteness that can be had.  If you are from Massachusetts, well we broke off from you in 1820.  Please don't bother us, and stay away as we are closed for remodeling until further notice.    :)               
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Here is a list of some of my favorite hikes in Maine that came to mind. 
 1.   Hamlin and Katahdin Knife Edge loop (Best hike in the East)
 2.   Precipice Trail up Champlain Mtn (What the F!)
 3.   Saddleback and Saddleback the Horn (Nice ridge walk)
 4.   East Baldpate (Awesome open summit)
 5.   Burnt Meadow Mountain (Interesting mountain)
 6.   East Royce Mountain (This mountain grew on me)
 7.   Goose Eye Mountain (Gotta like the Goose)
 8.   Burnt Hill (Good mountain near Sugarloaf Ski area)
 9.   Abraham (Me like rocks and views)
10.  Bigelow Loop (Ohhh.....Ahhhh)
11.  Mountain Dew (Wait that is a soda, never mind)

Map of Maine 3000 Foot Peaks (a work in progress)

There are many more that I could list. And some I that I have not hiked that I should are Tumbledown Mountain, Traveler's Loop in Baxter State Park, Gulf of Hagas hike, West Kennebago Mountain, More hiking in Baxter, More hiking in Acadia, Whitecap mountain on the AT, Big Moose Mountain, Nesuntabunt Mountain, Borestone Mountain.......Blah Blah Blah........Ok, I'll stop...... 

Stupid hiking videos of Maine that amuse me for now.
1.  Happy Birthday Mom on Spaulding Mountain. (Youtube link 1 minute 13 seconds)
2.  Guess Where I Am? Elephant Mountain. (Youtube link 56 seconds)
3.  Pizza Delivery Abraham Mountain. (Youtube link 57 seconds)
4.  Wiggle Brook Road Bridge Test. (Youtube link 36 seconds)
5.  Mount Katahdin NE115/NE100 Finish. (Youtube link 31 seconds)
                                                     Hiking in Maine List
                                                  NE100 has 27 mts in Maine

Here are some hiking books and maps of Maine that will get you going in the right direction to spend some wicked cool quality time.

          AMC Maine hiking                      AT Maps & Trail                               Good overall                         Delorme Atlas          

            guide good book                        guide very good                           Maine hiking  book               good to get around
               Best Acadia                           Best Baxter map, but not                           Good #2                         Good overall Acadia
        hike Book  period                 water resistant and hard to get                   Baxter map                           hiking map 
   (At Sherman's Bookstore)                     (Clark Map $5.77)                        (Delorme Map $8.35)

                                   Hiking with Jerks & a Geek. (Ok this video is in Maine and New Hampshire)