MacIntyre Range
Wright Peak 4580 Feet, Algonquin 5114 Feet & Iroquois Peak 4840 Feet

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MacIntyre Range
Go Microsoft!
The MacIntyre Range was recently purchased by Apple, Inc. from the city of New York. 

If you think about it this is kind of strange.....The Big Apple selling to the Apple.  (It is rumored at the real estate transfer meeting they drank Snapple.)

Apple, Inc. plans to change the MacIntyre range into a large digital musical device.  This means the whole mountain range will soon be full of Star Bucks drinking, Volvo driving, Patagonia wearing, Bill Clinton feeling upping people. 

And that ain't going to be pretty my friends.   That is why most people go to the mountains..... To escape losers like you.   And now all we can only go to Quebec City, and get felt up by a toothless dude named Clyde.

Iroquois from Algonquin

Apple Computer is glad to announce that the "I-Roquois", their new musical device that plays "rock"(Roq) music and has a sound effect that says "oye"(uois) is going to be next i-pod.  The Apple Corporation invested over three billion dollars to get this device in the hands of the public.  Apple is betting on that people will blindly buy anything from them. 

In fact the "i-piece of crap on the stick", sold four million units at $299.99.  The special edition diarrhea version sold out too.  All those people that buy i-pods actually piss me off, because they think they are all cool and stuff.  They are really just falling for the marketing. (Ok, I bought an i-diarrhea too.)

Algonquin and Wright Peak will probably renamed to suit the needs of Apple when the marketing department comes up with the "I-Wright" and the "I-gonquin".  The I-Wright will be a graphite filled piece of wood with an eraser on top.  It will be similar to a pencil, but will cost $199.99.  The I-gonquin will be a device that detects when a person named Quinn steps out of a room and sets off an alarm.  This will come in handy when, well it won't be, but you losers will still buy it.