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Yep, Another links page that is worth ignoring.

Some sites I go to that are weird.

Yes, I linked this page.  The site is kind of crappy though.

Post Secret

I love this website.  It is updated every Sunday with new secrets people send in.


Stupid & funny instant messages sent to this website.  When I need a laugh, I go here.

Flyer Talk Forums

When doing research for my New Zealand trip I got hooked at reading this.  I don't even collect frequent flyer miles.  Maybe I like to see people obsess about something that isn't hiking.

Seat 61

I rode some trains in New Zealand, and found this site to think about trains journeys on another trip overseas.

Here are some hiking related forums that are quite useful.

Views From The Top

I'll say it....The best site on hiking in the Northeast.....Period. Join up.   A little less friendly vibe since the red squares, some cliques, and no HarryK. :(       But this is nit picking.

ADK High Peaks

A New York Adirondack mountain forum from Tim Dubois.  There are many quality posts here. This site sometimes can be a bit over the top on preaching.  Very good Adirondack knowledge though.

Cool forum on the Appalachian Trail, and get more detail of you go to the home page.

Rocks On Top

Yep, another forum on hiking.  Not bad.

Catskill 3500 Club

A Yahoo group on the Catskill mountains in New York.  Join it and learn baby.  The Catskills are fun.


A forum on Geocaching, not quite hiking.  You use a GPS to find caches of stuff, and keep it secret from muggles.  You can learn GPS skills, and have fun doing it pretty much anywhere.

And some more hiking related sites.

Hike The Whites

David Metsky's website on the NH White Mountains covers them quite well.  Some call him the chicken, and I call him the rooster.

Peakbagging in the Northeast

Mohamed Ellozy's website is very detailed.  When I started out hiking this site was very useful to me, even though I don't visit much anymore.

NH Mountain Hiking

Fred Shirley has a great site here on New Hampshire hiking.

Adirondack Journey

Joel Dobson has a very good website on Adirondack high peaks hiking.

And some lesser known hiking sites.

Adirondack 100 Highest

A site on some much less hiked mountains in the Adirondacks, with many bushwhacks.  Brian, one of the three creators of the site, always hikes in jeans.

Flags on the 48

A yearly September 11th memorial hike, where a flag is put on top of the forty eight 4000 foot mountains in New Hampshire.  Nice event to do.

Views & Brews

Dawn & Tom have a website that you do a short hike & have good local brew.  Maybe we need to get the Maine section of the site going, so I can become an alcoholic for a patch.

AMC Adopt a Trail

Adopt a trail from the AMC, as it is much cheaper then adopting an orphan child.  (No college tuition or braces)  Do some trail work to help out fellow hikers.

I'm going to add a few more links soon.....Maybe.....I still think if you need links from me then you are pathetic.