Killington, Pico & Mendon Peak
4235 Feet, 3957 Feet & 3850 Feet

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Killington Pico & Mendon

Killington, Pico And Mendon are freaky deaky mountains.  First you have Killington, which used to be called Bobington Mountain.  But Bob got capped in the ass by someone named Cecil M. Dolmes.  So after he was killed we all started calling Bobington Mountain, Killington.  I personally think Manslaughterton Mountain had a better ring to it. 

Then you have Mendon Peak, which is a fairly easy bushwhack.  But the bad thing about this mountain is the amount of gas it has.  Those smells are silent, but deadly.  Sort of like the deaf dude Cecil M. Dolmes who capped Bobby one mountain over.  Of course if Jennifer Audette had given him some audiology love, then Bobington Mountain would have lived on.  Jennifer can't help she is a selfish meanie.

Andrew on Killington with Mendon Peak in back

Finally you have Pico Peak. Sure most people pronounce it "Pie Coe", but I call it "Pee Coe".  Any of you pie loving jerks want to try correct me, then I will "Pee" on you.  In fact "Pee Coe" sounds much more fun, and I will start calling Blueberry Pie, Blueberry Pee. Mmmmmmmm.....That sounds and I bet smells good.