Katahdin, Baxter Peak & Katahdin, Hamlin Peak
5267 Feet & 4756 Feet

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Katahdin & Hamlin

So we are going to talk about Katahdin and Hamlin.  Ooooppppsss.....I better say Katahdin, Baxter Peak and Katahdin, Hamilin Peak, or the political correctness police are going to put me in bushwhack jail. 

In Native American, "Katahdin" means greatest mountain.  So calling it Katahdin Mountain will put you in bushwhack jail too.  The cool thing is Katahdin, Baxter Peak is the Northern terminus of a little thing called the Appalachian Trail.  I first set foot on Springer Mountain in Georgia years before. (The Southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.)

Katahdin, Baxter from the Pamola area

So what is so special about this area?  Well, that is an easy answer.  This is probably the best hike you can get East of the Rocky Mountains.

I started hiking in the late Summer of 2002, and after logging many miles in my cool Honda Civic, hiking with Spongbob, and exploring many places in the Northeast.....I had reached the end of the adventure I laid down for myself.  My plan was to hike the Northeast 111(115) mountains and the New England 100 Highest mountains in two years.  My stupid brother Andrew invited me up to Alaska in the June of 2004, so I let the two year adventure stretch to two years and twenty eight days.   He was the person who started me on this cool exploration, so he should be the one to screw it up a bit.

On September 6th, 2004, I parked at the Roaring Brook parking area.  HarryK, was finishing his Northeast 111(115) on Katahdin, Hamlin Peak with a big group of friends.  I had met him and a few other wacky people the week before at the Lake Placid Brew Pub after my Adirondack 46.  I had come with LauraZ, who is a cool person from Maine.

LauraZ and I hiked the Chimney Pond Trail to Chimney Pond, as I wanted to see it.  Chimney Pond rocks, and the sheer rocky area is fun.  We then hiked on the North Basin Trail to the Hamlin Ridge Trail to the summit of Katahdin, Hamlin Peak.  The views are awesome yet again on the Hamlin Ridge Trail.  As this was the in shape 2004 Adrian, LauraZ and I waited on the Hamlin summit for forty minutes for the slow pokes.  

The HarryK parade of friends made it to the summit, and finally old Bob Dylan listening HarryK himself.  It was interesting to see a large group celebrate a big ending to an adventure.  I could picture my ending with lots of friends.....Wait I have no friends.  I always wonder how it would feel for so many people to show up for me.  It is not my style really, but who knows......But I had LauraZ, Spongebob, and a can of Sleeman's Beer that HarryK's lazy ass would not carry over to Baxter Peak.  Thanks a bunch.....You are a jerk and a Kanadien Kook!  

So Laura, the beer, Spongebob, and I hiked over to Baxter Peak on the Northwest Basin and Saddle trails.  The views are solid thru this section.  I felt a pang of sadness a few hundred vertical from the summit.  This adventure had been the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and letting go was just a few minutes away.

LauraZ and I had the summit to ourself, after a small group left.  This was my New England 67 4000 footers, New Enlgand 100 Highest, and Northeast 111(115) finish all at once.  I didn't feel sad, happy, or like a monkey on LSD.  I had a sense of satisfaction that my brother Andrew had not finished these list thingies, and I had.  I could rub it in his face and tell him he is a loser!  Yes, my true colors of living in the negative and spite made me feel good.  The list stuff had something I could hold over Andrew, and that would make the fun adventure live on.  Who cares about stupid pictures, friendships or memories, when you can have one over your mean brother Andrew.

The hike over the Knife Edge is nothing like you will do in the East.  There are really only like 5 or 6 areas that are really narrow, that on a windy day that you could crack your head up that badly.  This was fun all over to Pamola Peak, down the Helon Taylor Trail, and to the parking lot.  

In fact I will say this.....This is the best hike in the East period.  Sure other people may have other preferences.....Those people are stupid and should be sent to an internment camp for reeducation and conceptual reality.

I really didn't mean those angry things against my brother Andrew for not finishing those lists.....Well yeah I did you freaking slacker!

Adrian after 2 years of hiking
Adrian on Hamlin with Baxter in back
Adrian on the Knifes Edge
Along the Knifes Edge
Approaching Baxter Peak from Hamlin
Baxter Peak Spongebob finish
Chimney Peak from Pamola
Chimney Pond area
Chimney Pond from Saddle Trail
Chimney Pond from the Knifes Edge
Chimney Pond with Adrian
First view of Baxter Peak
Gifts for finishing lists
Going towards Chimney Pond
Hamlin & Baxter from S Brother
Hamlin from Pamola
Hamlin Ridge Trail & Hamiln
HarryK finish on Hamlin
HarryK on Hamlin
Howe Peaks from Hamlin
Katahdin, Baxter from N Brother
Katahdin, Baxter from Coe
Katahdin, Baxter near south gate day
Katahdin, Baxter near south gate
Katahdin, Baxter Peak
Knife Edge from Baxter Peak
LauraZ rocks!
Like a sign on Baxter Peak
More Knifes Edge
More of the Hamlin Ridge Trail
N&S Turner from Pamola view
Pamola & Baxter Peak from Coe
Pamola from Baxter
Pamola from Baxter Peak
Pamola with Adrian
Roaring Brook Trailhead
Rocks on Helon Taylor Trail
Saddle Trail junction
Slackers on Hamlin Ridge Trail
South Turner Mt on right
Spongebob getting hammered
Spongebob on Hamlin
Tablelands from Baxter Peak
The Group on Hamlin
They all suck, but not LauraZ