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Jefferson on the Left coming down Washington

                                                    Stupid Jefferson nickels on Mount Jefferson  
Mount Jefferson could not forsee the nice heart that Western settlers would have.  There were up to 75 million buffalo in North America at their peak, and whitey took it down to around 300 by 1900.  Whitey even put a cap in the ass of Buffalo Bill Cody, and 73% of the population of Buffalo, NY were killed.  But those lousy 300 buffalo got there nickel in 1913.  I bet Mount Jefferson was turning around in his cairn when that happened.  And for some reason the white man US mint killed off the buffalo nickel in 1938.  Native Americans used all the parts of the buffalo nickel, and never wasted a cent of it.  While white dudes would get change back, and if it fell on the floor they would not look for it.  Mount Jefferson and his coin collecting cairn ass saddens me in the slaughter of the buffalo and the buffalo nickel.



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