Ice Cream Night

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What the heck is Ice Cream Night?

Is it a night of ice cream in front of the television? Nope.
Is it a organization that makes fun of cows?…Nope…Even though I suspect Phyllis of plotting this.

From what I understand Ice Cream Night started some time ago as a dinner party of friends.  There were these two people John & Phyllis, and you come over their house.  You then have a meal, eat ice cream, play a game, and drink tea.

Now I’m not talking about just a pint or two of ice cream.  There is probably more ice cream in that house then a Dairy Queen.  Some sacrifices were made by their kids because of the lack of freezer space.

Take Carrie, she had to do without frozen French toast.  This traumatized her into going to college for a French degree with a minor in acting.  She is currently doing her one woman show on French toast to mixed reviews on Broadway.

Or Anna, she had to do without organic frozen art supplies.  She majored in Art history at college.  Anna then went to Africa in search of refrigerators with more space for her frozen items.  After realizing the glacier on top of Mount Kilimanjaro would not make a good freezer, since it will melt away within a decade because of global warming, she came back to the United States.  Anna is currently working on her masterpiece art collection “Why Adrian is weird”.  This has been a financial flop, except for Adrian’s family buying several pieces to make dart boards out of.

One day, after many years of therapy these two children might recover from the lack of freezer space John and Phyllis caused from so much ice cream taking over.  Ok, to get back on track with the story. (Anna & Carrie can work out their problems, I want some ice cream!)

So who can go to Ice Cream Night?  Anyone.
When is it?   Thursday Night.
Where is it?   Now, I can’t post that here, but John & Phyllis would welcome you.
Does it cost anything?    Nope. But you do have to be nice, which I find off putting. I would rather pay a cover charge.
Is their valet parking?   No
Does John do an interpretive dance?   Yes, and it is quite good.
Does Phyllis have over 6 billion teapots?   Yes
What kind of meal is it?   Home made vegetarian.
What is the preferred ice cream served?  

A typical Ice Cream Night would consist of this:

You drive over to see Phyllis & John‘s house.  I recommend parking on the side of the road, since people will ask you to move your car later in the night.  I then knock on the door and walk in.  Phyllis and John would be cooking the meal in the kitchen.  They would be really nice and say, “Hi Adrian!”  Now since I am a social misfit, I would say “Whatever”.  There are probably eight to sixteen people for each ice cream night.  The crappy thing is they are all nice people.  What I wouldn’t give for another pessimist like me.  You say hello to them and have some conversation.  Blah blah bah, show me the ice cream.

This is where the Ice Cream Night takes a turn for the worse.  Males have to set the table.  I find this sexist, but I don’t say anything since I want a free meal and some ice cream.  This is definitely an estrogen dominated night, which is not bad except for,  I really like romantic movies and my butt looks bigger in the mirror when I go home for the night.  I never know which side to put the forks and knives on.  But I do get to play with fire and light the candles on the dinner table.

The meal is served, and if you are lucky it is macoroni and cheese.  You grab your plate and go in the kitchen to get the food……mmmm…..I usually wait until the line goes down to grab the food.  If Anna made some of her salad dressing, that is good stuff too.  You get to sit down next to anyone.  People usually say, “Ahhhhh Adrian I think there is a seat over there.”, when I sit next to them.

After dinner is finished then the plates are cleared.  A strange loud noise is yelled. “Bucket Brigade!”  I thought it was a paramilitary organization, but it is telling you a group of people will help in putting out all the ice cream.  The vast quantities of ice cream is amazing.  Then all the toppings are put out.  It seems M&M candy variations are quite popular.  There is even peach candy rings.  What is up with that?  There is hot fudge and whipped cream made also.

After collecting the ice cream and grabbing a cup of tea.  A game is decided on to play.  This is the time of night you hope John does an interpretive dance.  After playing the game and gorging yourself on ice cream and cinnamon chocolate chips, people are starting to leave for the evening.

As my social skills are lacking I never know when to leave.  I usually end up being one of the last people to leave.  The downside is I have to help clean the dinner table off, but I do get to talk to John & Phyllis.  After being kicked out I then drive home and go to sleep.

You get to hang out with smart people who care.  The whole having to use manners thing takes a bit of getting used to by me.  Forks….pfffffff…..What’s up with that?

So that is Ice Cream Night.  Oh, and don’t forget the three rules.

1. Take what you want
2. Eat what you take….Ahhh I’m forgetting.
3. And Have fun……or something like that.
Crap……I am going to get in trouble for not remembering the rules.

                                       Phyllis should be paying me a monthly fee for all these
                                                       teapots she left in storage here.