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Hey Dude! 

My hiking adventures started when my brother Andrew (And No Andrew, I have not hiked 2160 miles yet.) took me up Mount Washington auto road in the summer of 2002 to mess around with some hiking.  We had to watch for hurricane vortex car door openings on top.  My Honda Civic car liked the mountains so much I had no option but to continue hiking.

                   Brother Andrew Adrian (like me) Spongebob
                                            Trusty Honda Civic Best reason to start hiking

I have been doing some hiking mostly in the Northeast.  I even have been a few other places like Alaska and New Zealand too.  Checking out the mountains in the Northeast has been a blast so far.  There are so many mountains and trails that I will never get around to, but I will keep on trying to see what is around the next bend. (Hopefully not a HarryK!)

You can check out the areas I have hiked, which are:
                   Maine        New Hampshire Vermont
                   New York  Alaska               New Zealand

Another angle is to learn about some of the hiking lists in the Northeast.  I will give you a small amount of the lists out there with the below links.  Some people do not like the idea of hikers climbing a list, but that is a matter of opinion. Taking anything too far without moderation or becoming obsessive about a list can possibly detract from an experience.  But a hiking list or club can expose you to an area you would not have previously considered or known about.  I have made some good friends along the way doing some lists.  Can that really be a bad thing? (Well, it was for them.)  What I saying is just go out and find out what works for you.

Northeast 111 (115)

New England 100 Highest

Adirondack 46ers

New England Four Thousand Footers

White Mountain Four Thousand Footers

Catskill 3500