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Favorite Things
These are material things I am quite fond of:

1.   Spongebob (The IV being the only known active one.)
Well let me first explain what happened to all of these Spongebobs.
Spongebob the 1st was a small magnet.  It was with me for a good bit of time, well until a gust of wind blew him into the cairn on top of Carter Dome mountain.  I looked for over ten minutes for the little bugger to no avail. I really miss Spongebob #1. 

Spongebob II was the exact same Spongebob magnet as Spongebob I, as I had a planned backup to be in place.  So I am hiking on Breadloaf Mountain in Vermont, and I took some pictures.  As I am driving back to Maine I realize he is still on top of Breadloaf Mountain.  I know someone found him, and I hope he is doing quite well.

So now on to Spongebob III, who got lost on top of Mount Pierce in New Hampshire.  I was yet again taking pictures, and guess what I did?  I left the little buddy on top of Pierce Mountain.  The cool thing was Stinky Feet & Frodo found him!  Spongebob III was part of their record of hiking the 48 four thousand peaks in a very short amount of time in the winter.  I suspect Spongebob III of jumping out of my pack to achieve his life goal. (Of not being with me.)  But sadly the speed record has fallen to two other people.  I am quite upset Spongebob III is not a record holder anymore.

And a brief side here.  I usually carry two Spongebobs with me as a backup, to cancel out any Spongebobs who might want to hike with cooler and friendlier hikers. (In other words I lose them.)  Well, backup Spongebob was a small Spongebob who attached to the outside of my pack.  On a hike up Vose Spur, Spongebob IIIA, got pulled off my pack and ended up hanging from a tree branch.  Spongebob IIIA hung from that tree all helpless, until this hiker named Post’r Boy found him all cold, dirty and wet.  Spongebob IIIA ended up hiking the Appalachian trail with him.  I am starting to see a pattern here.  Spongebobs are destined to greatness when they leave me.

So now we are to the current Spongebob, which is Spongebob IV.  He has been with me thru so much, and has been to far off places like New Zealand & Alaska with me.  Some of those bushwhacks that I have done, Spongbob IV never made fun of my route finding skills, obscene language at times, and even offers to smile at me at all times. 

So to all the Spongebobs you guys rock!
Spongebob I on East Baldpate          Spongebob II last picture on Breadloaf  
Spongebob III last picture on Pierce   Spongebob IIIA    Spongebob IV visiting Spongebob I's Cairn 

2.  The Purple lamp with one bee.
Who the heck has a lamp as one of their cherished possessions?  Yep, that would be me.  I noticed this shop called Delia’s that sold cool things on Spring Street in Portland.  I went in and loved the style of the artist creating everything.  I found out she would do special orders, and I thought what the heck have her make a lamp for you.  All I wanted was for it to be purple and have one bee on it, other than that Delia could doing anything she wanted. 

About a month late I received the call and picked up the lamp.  I loved it from the first time I saw the lamp.  The lamp shade has Delia’s trademark swirls in it.  The base of the lamp is just a style that I really appreciate.  Just to let you know, if my house was burning down I would grab the lamp first.  Sorry, you need to have your own smoke detector if you want to make it out. 

3.  Suunto X6 altimeter watch.
I bought this watch at LL Bean in Freeport, Maine.  It cost too much for a watch, but I am so fond of the Suunto X6.  It a clunky looking green watch, so it goes with my no fashion sense style.  This watch can tell you the elevation you are at when you are hiking, which comes in handy.  It has so many other features also, and it can even attach to your computer to see the data. Oh, and I guess it tells time also.
4.   The Silver 1998 Honda Civic.
Sure this car is starting to look worse and worse with age.  But don’t we all start to see this in ourselves?  I got this car in Tallahassee, Florida.  It was actually made in Canada, by a Japanese Company, who sent it to Alabama. (Yep, this Civic is a redneck.)  The car I wanted was at an Alabama Honda dealership, so they drove it the to Tallahassee, which was about 50 miles away.  The only real problems I have had are a junky exhaust system (two problems), which cost a few hundred dollars.  Oh, and HarryK almost drove it off a driveway in the Catskill Mountains to a certain death.  The Civic took damage to the driver side doors.  And later someone gave the Honda Civic a love tap at the 19 Mile Brook trailhead, and caused a crack in the back bumper that just gets bigger and bigger.  So cosmetically the Silver Fox needs some plastic surgery. 

This Honda Civic has been driven down roads to get to some hiking areas that would put many four wheel drive vehicles to shame.  It even crossed this falling down bridge on the Wiggle Brook road. (Youtube 37 second video link.)  The silver Civic even was in a funeral procession in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.  Ok, so I wasn’t supposed to be in that funeral procession, but they waved me in since I had my headlights on during the day.  I didn’t realize that it was a funeral procession until I was in the middle of Arlington National Cemetery, with no parking lot to be seen, and a hertz in front of a long line of cars.  The Civic and I quickly turned around and found the right parking lot. I am proud of this Civic, and it will be a shame when she is retired.

5.  The Quilt.

This quilt was bought at a Bed Bath & Beyond, which is at most malls across America.  This freaking quilt is sooooo comfortable.  When people come over to visit, I give the quilt to them for their blanket.  Guess what?  Everyone always comments on how comfortable the quilt is.  I would write more, but I am going to take a nap with the quilt right now. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……..

To amend the earlier post on how I would save the purple lamp from a fire before you.  Well, I would wrap the comfy quilt around the purple lamp, while wearing my Suunto X6 watch, drive in my silver Honda Civic with Spongebob IV to safety.