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So here are some of my favorite movies.  I am basing it wanting to watch the movie over and over.  Some movies like Shawshank Redemption or Princess Bride I really like, but don't watch as much anymore.  I notice on the movies I really like there are some chick flicks in there.....crap.......Shhhhhhh..........

1.    Love Actually is a romantic comedy set around Christmas in London.  Several story lines show people breaking up and having a hard time to everything working out too perfectly in the end.  A Christmas play without a lobster is just plain wrong.  It's all about love...actually and Love actually is all around.

2.  Office Space in a crazy cult comedy about some employees bi*#ching about there jobs at Innotek.  You will learn about TPS reports and cover letters, PC load letter, red Swingline stapler, Tchotchke's restaurant flair, case of the Mondays, My O O Ohhhh face, jump to conclusions, Michael "no talent as* clown" Bolton, The two Bobs, resort prisons.....etc.  Not the best movie, but I just like it.  You can even play the Ditch Lumbergh Game.   Yeahhhhh Ummmmm I'm going to have to have you work Saturday and Sunday.

 Amelie is a movie about an innocent and quirky woman in Paris. (France not Texas)  Amelie goes out and helps people being a silent do gooder.  Along the way she finds love.  In the movie you meet the glass man, Blubber the suicidal fish, a worldly garden gnome, two windmills, and a breaking and entering by Amelie messing with the fruit stand owner Collignon.  These are hard times for dreamers.

  Two Ninas is set in New York has Marty an unpublished author meeting two women named Nina.  He dates both without them knowing it, and some trouble ensues.  Wow, the Actor Ron Livingston is in this movie and Office Space.  I really like this movie, even though it is not totally complete.  Still it is enjoyable to me.  Marty might have to come back to Maine and run the family business if things don't work out.  And being from Maine I'm rooting he doesn't come back here!  Take a chance and believe in me.

 Kikujiro is a Japanese movie that has nine year old Masao and Mister traveling to try to meet Masao's distant mother in the country.  Along the way some odd things happen to them.  Mister grows on you at the trouble he causes.  The friendship between the two is pretty neat.  There are a few weird parts, and I don't know if it is the Japanese culture or the director.  All I can say is, It's Kikujiro, dammit. 


6.  Snatch is an action comedy mainly set in London.  Boxing promoters, gangsters, amateur thiefs, jewelers, and a few other characters trying to get a stolen diamond.  I love Brad Pitt's pikey Irish traveller character, as in you can't understand a thing he says!  A dark comedy of errors happen thru the whole storyline.  You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

 There's Something About Mary is a gross out comedy with a heart.  Everybody is stalking Mary, and Ted is one of them.  You will learn about hanging out at rest stops, franks and beans, woogie, seven minute abs, Warren's ears, and loaded weapons.  Boy, don't make me have to open up a can of whoop-ass!

 Return to Me is yet another romantic comedy.  Set in Chicago, Bob Rueland's wife dies, and her heart is used as an organ donor.  Later, Bob starts dating the woman who has his wife's heart, when both of them find out it causes some probelms. (Go figure.)  This is hard to swallow as a coincidence with the heart transplant, but too bad.  James Belushi does a great job as a husband of a friend Grace.  And Caroll O'Connor's Italian and Irish restaurant is pretty cool.  Sometimes you have to run away to see if someone is gonna follow you.

 American Movie is a documentary about Wisconsin filmmaker Mark Borchardt describing his years in trying to make his epic movie Northwestern.  To get Northwestern going he films a 35 minute horror film Coven.  The two characters that stand out (besides Michael) are his burnout friend Mike Schank and elderly Uncle Bill.  Micheal working giving his girlfriend cemetery flowers, a touching Thanksgiving, visits to Uncle Bill, the scream, and Michael's children with him at the University of Wisconsin editing the movie are some moments that stick out.  Michael just doesn't give up and I respect that.  I need you to be more menancing. Can you be more menancing?    

   Before Sunset is a sequel to Before Sunrise.  Jesse and Celine meet by chance nine years later in Paris and reconnect about how the time spent in Vienna shaped their lives.  Lots of smart dialouge in this movie, all I probably could muster is "Wow look at that, it's water."   I guess when you're young, you just believe there'll be many people with whom you'll connect . Later in life you realize it only happens a few times.