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East Kennebago Mountain is a pretty cool mountain.  It was named after Kenny from the TV show South Park.  You see Kenny was up on this mountain, because Cartman asked Kenny to go to Maine and get some moose poop.  Cartman wanted to sell the moose poop to hippies as a natural pest control.  The moose poop was actually to be dipped in Donald Trump's hair comb over to get the hippies all capitalistic like, and make them want to move to New York.  Of course the money Cartman would make from the proceeds was to buy Cheesy Poof snacks to get more "beef cakie". 

East Kennebago from dirt road

Of course, Kenny got killed by this Jennifer chick from Vermont.  She then took the baco fake bacon bits in Kenny's pocket and ate them.  So, the mountain should be called "East Kenny Baco Mountain", but it got lost in Mainer translation.  The good thing is this dude named Post'r Boy found Kenny's skull, and Cartman didn't get his cheesy poofs.

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