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Dix Range
The Dix Range was named after Dick Cheney, a vice president of the United States.

This was the way that George W. Bush thought the "Dick's Range" should be spelled for the naming rights gift.  Don't even get me started with the way Dan Quayle would have spelled Potato Nubble Mountain in Maine if he did not have spell check. (A sixth grader named William Figueroa)

Dix Mountain has had 4 heart attacks since the renaming.  It has also shot Hough mountain in the face during a bird hunting accident at Elk Lake. 

Dix Range (Less MaComb) from Rocky Peak Ridge

Grace and Carson Peaks are actually changing their names to not associate as much with the Dix Mountain far right agenda of closing off all trail access to summits.  Dix Mountain feels it is not the governments job to provide trails, but the hikers job to get to the summit.  Macomb Mountain and the Macomb slide are a failure of ths trickle down hiking (The slide flattened all hikers in the middle and bottom, but not the top) that the Reagan adminstration, and now Dick Cheney are imposing on the American hiking public.  All the views are at the summit, and the rich Patagonia hikers are already at the summit and will never share their powerbars and backpacks (many earned in shady ways in the past, but now legitimized.)with us trailless hikers. 

Not to be mean, but Some hikers and even some of the mountains think that Dix Mountain looks like darth vader from a distance.

                                                     Dix Mountain beating up an Elmo hiker