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This is the disclaimer page dude.

1.  Adrian Payeur & Kramerica Industries really don't care about any of our content on this website, as it is all a piece of junk.  The motto of this website is "Just Keep It Stupid."

2.  Adrian Payeur & Kramerica Industries think if you are reading this right now, then your life must be lacking in some fundamental way.  Sorry to have to tell you that, but just face it dude.

3.  If you find any copyright infringements on this site, then just sue Adrian Payeur & Kramerica Industries.  You know why?  We have over $8,000.00 in debts, and you will assume all of that debt.

4.  We as a website think anyone that has a disclaimer on their website is a total loser.  (Us included.)  Yet another reason we should institute a lawyer cap in this country, or at least outsource most to India.

5.  You will see a freaking bunch of punctuation, grammar, spelling, and all that other crap mistakes here on this website.  The whole communication thing is not my strong suit.  All of those people who like to correct you and find the errors can go away.  I find these people have great grammar, but no ideas for that great grammar.  Look here.......Applle.  Yep, I spelled Apple wrong.

6.  Some links may not work in this website, as one of my web hosts changed their name.  Now I have to slowly change the links across the whole website.  I am not sorry it may inconvenience you, but that I have to do the extra work.

7.   AdrianPayeur.com never invented the word "Tangerine".

8.  When this website is viewed in a car side mirror it may be closer than it appears.
9.  CEO of AdrianPayeur.com, Jeffrey "the fish" Lebowski, has never been convicted of domestic violence in 37 states.  Jeff the Fish, has completed anger management classes in accordance to federal safe workplace rules.

10.  This website uses as much homemade content as possible, and is organically certifed by the country of Montenegro.   Everyone tries to make a website with bells and whistles to look all professional.   We are too lazy and cheap to think of our readers and supporters. 

****Disclaimer****  After reading the disclaimers you are liable for the $100.00 AdrianPayeur.com disclaimer charge.  If no payment is sent to AdrianPayeur@gmail.com in a timely fashion a hitman/hitwoman (As we are an equal opportunity employer.) will come after you.