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 First, lets talk about the name of this mountain.  It isn't named after this David C. Colden business dude people talk about. 

This is a massive coverup by the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation to control and destroy the great history of chickens.

David C. Colden is a patsy of the massive world corporations to show that humans are the only great explorers of this world.

When white meat settlers came to America they destroyed the great rooster, hen, and chicken dynasty that ruled over the North American continent.  The sad chicken pox epedemic of 1543 destroyed the peaceful chicken civilization.

Colden on the left from Marcy Dam

                                                        Delaware Blue Hen Leader Dyke       
The great Delaware Blue Hen ruler Dyke, went on a walk about to the holy waters of Avalanche Lake in the Adirondacks.  He was the first animal to ever hike up the mountains in the area.  There was a fierce summer snow storm.....Dyke became trapped in a posthole, and then became hypothermic.  This is how the Trap Dyke, and Cold Hen Mountain really got its name.

Now fast forward into the 20th century, and this Colonel Sanders dude led an army of employees erasing all knowledge of the great Hen civilization......and deep frying anyone who dared challenge him.....Well, the colonel did have good mashed potatoes. 

This still does not excuse us humans to this great hen halocaust.  I commend the KFC employee who hid chickens off the lunch menu list, which became the basis of the movie Schindler's List.  The Delaware Blue Hen leader Dyke will never be forgotten, even if you buy 1000 buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken......And say Cold Hen Mountain not Colden mountain.  Shame on all of you that call it Colden Mountain.

Mount Colden scenic video

                                                                                               Colden Hike from South Meadow