Cannon Mountain
4100 Feet
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New Hampshire

Cannon Mountain is a very militaristic mountain, and always wants to pick a fight with everyone.  Cannon has a Napolean complex, because it is shorter than Lincoln or Lafayette Mountains across the valley.  The downfall of Cannon Mountain was invading Russia Mountain, and after being finally defeated at Waterloo Valley....After these events Cannon Mountain was exiled to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Cannon Mountain has a ski area, The Old Man of the Mountain.....who passed away, The largest vertical rock face in New England, and a Tramway that travels near to the summit.

Cannon Mountain from Lincoln

Most people climbing Cannon Mountain the first time go up the Hi-Cannon Trail to reach the summit, and this is a good choice.  I think this trail is direct, and you even get good views from a cliff area along the way.  The summit area can be busy at the lookout tower, since the tramway brings lots of people up.  

Now, if you are hiking this mountain to do the New Hampshire 48 4000 peaks.....I would recommend also combining Northeast Cannonball Mountain on the same hike. (Since at 3769 Feet it is part of the New England 100 Highest Mountains, which you will be doing me.)  Northeast Cannonball Mountain is South of Cannon Mountain on the Kinsman Ridge Trail.....And then you drop down back to the Lonesome Lake Trail.....Go around Lonesome Lake to the hut.....Continue around the Lake, and drop down the Lonesome Lake Trail to your car.  This gives you a great loop hike.

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