Allen Mountain
4340 Feet

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Allen Mountain is one of the most haunted places on Earth.  A group of hikers on June 6, 1966 (666.6..ok four sixes, but it is the sign of devil baby in the Dewey decimal system.) wanted to hike their final peak needed for the Adirondack 46 peaks.

The five hikers started by the Upper Works parking area, and hiked by Lake Jimmy and Lake Sally.

The pokiest hiker named Clyde fell behind everyone, and was eaten by an angry Squirrel.  The four other hikers did not notice, as all they cared about was reaching the 46th summit of Allen Mountain.

The bashful hiker in cyan blue had a pen explode all of its ink in his shirt pocket.  When he bent over at the Opalscent River to clean his shirt, a black bear threw his prototype human food cannister at him...Of course the cannister killed the ink stained hiker....So the food cannister worked, and the black bear ate the hiker.

Slippery Allen Mountain slide

So, barely into an over 18 mile hike two of the hikers were missing out of the group of five.  The woman with a missing pinky, the man with the giant pack that had most of the gear in it, and the hiker who was having problems with his contacts and was constantly blinking did not care at all about the tow now dead hikers.

The woman with the missing pinky was a speedy hiker, and was soon out of sight of the other two.  She had lost that pinky in an unfortunate jiffy popcorn accident.  The great sadness it brought her in not being able to give someone the middle finger with her left hand caused her to enter therapy.  As the speedy hiker ate during a break she found herself surrounded by a group of ninja warriors.  Now, you might ask, why were their ninjas in the middle of the Adirondacks.....And I have a perfectly good explanation.  A ninja knows about and trains in unorthodox arts of war.  Seeing a woman hiker with a missing finger on a June 6th  at a brook called Skylight was too much to pass up for ninjas.  The chances of such an occurrence happening again are 1 in 28 billion.....So the ninjas killed the speedy hiker without the pinky. (The only upside for the speedy hiker was one of the ninjas cut off one of her fingers before she died, and could give them all the middle finger again with her left hand.....Well, just before they cut her head off.)

The man with the big pack and the blinking contact wearing hiker reached the Allen Mountain slide.  This part of the hike is very dangerous as the purple-ish algae growing on the open rock slide is slicker than any known substance.  Halfway up the slide the blinking hiker rubbed his eyes, and slipped all the way down the slide to his death.  You would think the dead body would make a "splat" sound at the bottom of the slide, but it was more like a "Sploot" sound. 

The heavy pack man finally reached the summit, and was so glad to reach his 46th peak.  The pack man noticed that the summit cannister was loose.  (remember this is before the signs were the norm on summits.)  The pack man took out an Allen wrench and tightened up the cannister.  Just as this happened a bolt of lightning struck the last hiker dead.  The Allen wrench was the tipping point of where the bolt of lightning wanted to go.  Otherwise the bolt of lightning saw a nice tree it wanted to visit 83 meters to the south.

Now you know the story of the five ghosts that now haunt Allen Mountain.  They will haunt the mountain until they get their Adirondack number, and are recognized for completing the list.  Grace Hudowalski was in charge of aspiring correspondents, and she denied them....As four did not even make it to the top, and one died before making it back to his car. 

The only way to break the curse is to find this Allen wrench that is on the summit of Allen mountain.

                                 So here some pictures of the five ghosts that inhabit the mountain.
                                                            And of course Pac-Man

Later on a Japanese company exploited this haunting of Allen Mountain and created this game you can now play.