Some Alaska Wildflowers

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Alaska Wildflowers

Who knew I would like Alaska Wildflowers?????  I took trips to Alaska in June 2004 & June 2005.  Laura (Andrew's) Wife and I took most of these pictures.  Andrew didn't think it was cool driving down the road, and then forcing him to slam on the brakes of the car to stop for a flower "I might have saw."  Andrew would rather make fun of Laura and I.



Alaska Wildflower near Denali


The variety of flowers just for the month of June speaks volumes of the diversity and toughness of the plant life in Alaska.  I was going to pick all the flowers here for my Mom, but that was too much of my time to waste on her. (She still hasn't picked up my Rose Garden gift in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The freaking lazy butt.)

If you don't have a fast connection to the internet, well then this page will not work well for you.  Enjoy those pesky plants we call flowers.